Electricians Long Island

Electricians Long Island – Practical Guide on How to Choose the Best


Electricians Long IslandChoosing outstanding electricians Long Island homeowners rely on can be quite simple as long as you know where and how to find the best contractors for your needs. Basically, it is important that you do your research, then compare the different services and rates offered by several Long Island electrical contractors. By doing so, you can increase your chances of finding the best electrician that will meet your standards.

Tips on Hiring Electricians in Long Island

The following guidelines will help you choose and hire an experienced and reputable Electricians in Long Island

1. Ask questions that are relevant to the project.

Initially, you should ask several questions about the electrician’s credentials, qualifications, and professional experience. You need to make sure that the contractor you hire is knowledgeable about the tasks, so you can ensure the superb quality outcome of the project you have in mind. Some of the questions that you may want to ask include the following:

– Are you a licensed contractor in this municipality?

Although not all towns, cities or states require electricians to obtain a license, it is a prudent decision to check first with the local building department in your area. Then, make sure that any electrical works you assign to the specialist adhere to the National Electric Code standards.

– Is there a need to replace my electrical panel?

At present, the National Code requires a minimum of 100 amp for the incoming electrical service. If you do not meet this requirement, then you should upgrade the electrical panel since most homes in Long Island are wired with a 200-amp service.

– Do I need to apply for any permit?

If there is a need to obtain a permit, your electrician should handle the application process on your behalf. There are also municipalities that allow homeowners to do electrical repairs or installations upon securing a permit and having the work inspected when the task has been completed.

– Is my electrical system grounded properly?

Ground-wiring is an excellent means of protecting your home and the household during an electrical fault. This is also essential in ensuring the excellent condition of your expensive appliances and electronic devices. Hence, ask the electrician to check your current electrical system and to add more grounding capacity when necessary. In case an upgrade is a necessity, then it is possible that the electrician will add new wiring runs and outlets in your home.

Asking several questions is a great way to determine the personality and skills of the electrician. If the electrical contractor does not want to take the time to answer these questions, then you should consider finding another specialist who could provide you with a thorough explanation of what to expect from the project.


2. Request for a quote.

You may ask the electrician to inspect your home’s electrical system thoroughly, so he or she can provide you with the estimated cost of the entire project. Then, make sure you inquire about the possible number of hours or days before the project may be completed. This way, you can organize your schedule and make arrangements when necessary.

3. Prepare a contract.

Make sure you prepare a contract that includes important details about the project such as the specific tasks assigned to the electrical contractor, start date, estimated date of completion, payment schedule and total cost of the job. You should also include particular details about any devices or materials needed.

Electricians Long Island – Additional Tips on Selecting a Reliable Contractor

It is ideal that you look for important qualities that professional electricians should possess. For instance, they should be fully insured with workers’ and liability compensation. Request for a copy of their insurance policy for verification purposes. You may also want to contact the Better Business Bureau in your area, so you can determine if there are previous complaints filed against a particular electrician that you wish to hire. Lastly, seek recommendations from your family and friends. They may refer you to a reputable electrical contractor whom they have hired in the past.

Important Considerations

Keep in mind that small business electrical contractors tend to offer cheaper rates because their overhead is quite low. However, make sure you do not compromise quality work just because you want to settle for low fees. It is essential that you consider the contractor’s credentials, personality and skills instead of choosing inexperienced electricians Long Island who offer the cheapest fees for his or her services.