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200 Amp Panel Upgrade

Long Island 200-AMP Electrical Panel Upgrade

The electrical panel is the gray box in the interior of your home. It is very difficult to ignore, as it measures approximately 26” L X 15” W X 3.75” D. In most cases, the installer chose an interior wall that was convenient for the installation. This location is specific for the electricity service provider and other electrical services during regular maintenance.

Why Upgrade A Residential Electrical Panel?

There are two primary reasons why an electrician would recommend replacing your home’s electrical panel. These include the following:

  • There is no space for an upgrade
  • The electrical panel, circuit breakers, and wiring is deemed “unsafe”
  • The entire electrical panel is unable to keep up with the household electricity needs

If your electrical panel meets one of the above criteria, you will be asked to update it at your earliest convenience. This is not a gimmick, it is a recommendation that could save your home from a future electrical fire.

What Is Included In A Residential Electrical Panel Upgrade Quote?

It is not nearly as easy as it seems to upgrade a home’s electrical panel. In fact, the process is very in-depth, requiring a lot of manpower, materials, and assistance from the electricity service provider.

What is included in a quote for upgrading a residential 100-amp electrical panel? The quote includes the following:

  • Labor – Removal of the existing electrical panel and installation of the new electrical panel. Removal of the old electrical wiring and the installation of the new electrical wiring. Removal of the existing circuit breakers and the placement of new electrical breakers.
  • City Permit – The quote also includes the cost to pull a city or county permit for the project. Most cities, towns, and municipalities require the homeowner to obtain a permit for home renovation projects.
  • Materials – The much-needed supplies are covered under the permit. The supply list includes a new electrical panel, wiring, circuit breakers, and other accessories.
  • Waste Removal – Electrical components must be disposed of according to the local waste and recycling regulations. Since most of the waste from the upgrade is classified as “recyclable,” there may be some fees imposed by the city. The waste removal fees are included in the quote.

Once you have the quote in-hand, it will not change as long as you agree to tackle the upgrade within a few weeks or months. After six months of the initial quote, you will be asked to have it upgraded accordingly

Why Upgrade A Residential 200-AMP Electrical Panel

The most common reasons why an electrician will ask a homeowner to upgrade his/her home’s electrical panel include:

  • No empty slots for an upgrade
  • The electrical panel is showing signs of a fire hazard
  • The electrical panel can no longer keep up with the modern household
  • Intermediate, unexpected circuit breaker tripping, power surges (overloads), and power outages no relevant to the electricity service providers

What Does A 200-AMP Electrical Upgrade Entail?

Upgrading a 200-amp electrical panel requires a lot of manpower, the proper materials, and the homeowner’s cooperation. As long as everyone is involved in the upgrade, each step will go smoothly and quickly.

The home’s occupants must be prepared in advance. What the preparation entails is being aware of the possibility of downtime. Most electricians will try to complete each step of the upgrade without disrupting the power. In these situations, the home will have continuous power until the very last step, which involves switching the power from the existing electrical panel to the new 200-amp electrical panel.

Many homeowners are not aware of potential downtime. So, when the electrician mentions it, they are totally shocked. Downtime, which means no power) is always a possibility when upgrading an electrical panel. The main purpose of the downtime is to prevent electrical shock.  There is just no safe way to complete the upgrade until the power is disconnected at the main pole.

How Much Does It Cost To Upgrade A Home’s 200-AMP Electrical Panel?

The only true way to determine how much it will cost you out of pocket for an electrical panel upgrade is a quote. H&A Long Island Electrician offers free quotes and inspections per request. Please schedule the appointment at your earliest convenience. Our customer support team is on standby waiting on your phone call.


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