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Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Installation

Installing Chargers For Electric Vehicles

During the past few years, more and more New York residents have switched to electric vehicles. You should consider doing the same since an electric car can save you money. In addition to this, you’ll be thrilled to know that an EV vehicle will help protect Mother Nature. Experts believe that EV ownership will surpass conventional vehicle ownership by 2022.

If you haven’t purchased an electric vehicle yet, you’ll want to consider your options right now. There are numerous benefits associated with owning one of these cars, and you cannot ignore them. They’ll save you money, protect the environment, and give you more peace of mind. However, you need to understand that owning an electric vehicle comes with new responsibilities.

You don’t need to stop and refill the gas tank every morning. Instead, you’ll need to recharge the vehicle’s battery. You won’t be able to achieve this goal unless you have an EV car charger at home. Installing an EV charger at home is the best way to charge your vehicle at night. Then, your vehicle will be ready for the commute in the morning.

Are you ready to install an electric vehicle charger in your garage? If so, you should contact H&A Long Island Electrician. Our company installs EV car chargers for residents of Long Island and the surrounding areas.

Level 1

There are two types of electric vehicle chargers. Before you decide which one you want, it is pertinent to learn more about both. The most common type is the Level 1 charger. These chargers have basic features, but they can charge electric vehicles conveniently. When you purchase an electric car, you’ll likely receive a level 1 charger. To recharge your vehicle with a level 1 charger, you will need to use a 120-volt outlet.

You’ll want to use a dedicated circuit for your level 1 charger. You shouldn’t plug any other device into the outlet. If you prefer added safety, you should think about using a GFCI outlet. Using this type of outlet is a good way to protect yourself and your appliances from electrical shock.

However, you will find that level 1 chargers have one problem. Their biggest problem is the fact that they’ll require 12 hours to recharge. With a Level 2 charger, you won’t need to wait as long.

Level 2

Would you like to recharge your battery much faster? If you’ve answered yes to this question, you should purchase a level 2 charger because they’re faster. You’ll be able to recharge your battery in just 4 hours when using one of these chargers.

The only downside is that these chargers are bigger, so they’ll require more space in your garage. Be sure to install the charger on a wall in your garage. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to charge your car’s battery quickly. Wait a few hours, and you’ll be ready to drive your vehicle once again.

Available Tax Credits

Before moving forward, you’ll want to see if you can find incentives and tax credits in your area. New York may offer tax credits to consumers purchasing electric vehicles and chargers. Taking advantage of these incentives is an effective way to save money.


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