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Owners of commercial and business properties will have unique electrical systems. Commercial systems are much different than what you’re going to find in residential buildings. Commercial operations require more electricity, so the electrical system has to be innovative. It has to keep up with the demand of the business.

H&A Long Island Electrician is home to some of New York’s best commercial electricians. We offer residential and commercial services because we want to help everyone. We serve Long Island and all surrounding areas. If you need to fix a problem with your commercial electrical system, you need to call us.

FAQs Commercial Electrician

Commercial electrical is different than residential electrical. You’ll find out more about the differences below.

Impact On Business – When a business experiences an electrical problem, its operation stops. The workers cannot continue, and customers cannot purchase items. Unfortunately, the minor problem prevents your business from making money. Commercial electricians work faster than their counterparts.

Network Wiring – Your business relies on a network for communication purposes. Your network requires a lot of electricity. If your electrical system cannot keep up with the demand, you need to call a commercial electrician. These professionals will help ensure that your commercial electricity and network are working as intended.

Commercial Lighting – Commercial establishments need more lights than homes. You have lights inside and outside. A commercial electrician installs commercial lighting systems to keep your workers and customers safe.

Surge Protectors – When a surge happens, it could ruin your appliances and electricians. For a commercial property owner, a power surge could kill your factory. After a power surge, your equipment may stop working. You need to call a commercial electrician so they can install surge protectors on your business property.

Commercial Generators – A power outage could bankrupt your company. Your workers won’t work when they cannot turn on their computers or sewing machines. To remedy this problem, you need to use commercial generators. Commercial electricians install commercial generators. We can help you pick the right generator depending on the size and demands of your business.

Commercial Service Calls – Businesses need help quicker than consumers. Their business and revenue depend on it. You’ll want to call a commercial electrician because they’ll reach your home faster. H&A Long Island Electrician is eager to help you. If you’ve experienced a commercial electrical problem, you need to contact us right now.


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