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Generator Installation

Generator Installation Service

For homeowners, a power outage will be annoying. You’ll have to wait for hours until the power company resolves the problem. If you run a business, the power outage will lead to monetary losses. With this in mind, you should look for alternative ways to fix this problem.

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Installation & Maintenance Of Generators

H&A Long Island Electrician has been installing generators in New York for many years. We serve Long Island and all nearby areas. When you decide to purchase a generator, you need to make sure it is installed correctly. Otherwise, it may not work correctly.

We can help. Installing a generator is a complicated task, so you should rely on our services. We’ll do our best to install the generator correctly, so it’ll be a lifesaver when your power goes out. When installing a generator for our client, we’ll follow precise steps.

Assessing – First and foremost, H&A Long Island Electrician will assess the situation. We need to find out how much electricity your home or business uses each day. We need to make sure that your generator will match your needs. We’ll help you choose the best emergency generator for your home or business.

Installing – When it comes to generator installation, the generator needs proper placement. We’ll find the best location so the generator won’t be a nuisance or eyesore. Before installing the generator, we’ll install concrete pads to ensure that the generator will remain in place and stable.

The Transfer Switch – After we’ve installed the generator, we’ll need to install a transfer switch. The switch will change your home’s power source. You can choose manual or automatic transfer switches.

You cannot wait until something happens. If you do, you won’t have a generator to resolve the problem. H&A Long Island Electrician will install your generator before you experience issues. Installing the generator now guarantees that you’ll be ready for anything.

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FAQs For Generator Installation Services

You’ll want to get the generator installed correctly. Depending on your situation, it may take two or three weeks to finish.

Most homeowners can benefit from a standby generator. Your area may not experience frequent outages. Nevertheless, one outage could ruin your business and appliances. If you want added peace of mind, you should stop wasting time and hire us to install your generator. All business owners and homeowners can benefit from a generator.

When you work with us, you won’t need to worry about anything. We’ll take care of it for you. We’ll obtain the necessary permits and supplies so we can install the generator quickly. Depending on your area, you may need one or more permits to install the generator. You’ll want to work with us because we can help you get them. We’ll do our best to get your generator installed quicker than our competitors.



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