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Common Electrical Issues For Long Island Residents

Your electrical system will experience problems from time to time. Some problems are rare but others are common. Even if you aggressively maintain your electrical system, there is a risk that problems are going to occur. Your electrical components will wear out over time. If you don’t replace them soon enough, problems will occur.

Below, you will learn more about the most common electrical issues on Long Island.

Broken Switches

Flipping the switch too many times means it could break. Nothing will last forever. In addition to this, the electric switch will stop working due to faulty wiring or circuit faults. Start by removing the faceplate. Then, you can check the wires to see what is wrong. If you need to fix the wiring, you should turn off the power at the panel first.

Damaged Extention Cords

Extension cords are very beneficial since they’ll give you more room. However, there is a risk that you’re going to cut the cord. You might slice it in half when using a saw. If this happens, you’ll need to splice the electric cord and replace the plug. By replacing the plug, you should be able to save the extension cord and continue using it.

Lights Flickering

When your lights start flickering, you know something is wrong. However, you won’t know about the severity of the problem. Replace the light bulb first. Doing so may fix the problem. If it doesn’t, you’ll need to look at the wiring. When you can’t fix this problem, you need to call a licensed electrician.


An electrical shock could be deadly. At the least, it may ruin your appliances. If you’re getting shocked over and over, the wiring or device may have a fault. A Long Island electrician can help find out what is wrong and fix it as soon as possible.

Outlets Loosened

Does the outlet wiggle and move around when you touch it? You need to turn off the power immediately. Remove the faceplate and find out what you’re working with behind it. You might be able to tighten the outlet with better screws. If this doesn’t work, you will need to replace the box first.

Breaker Trips

If your breaker has tripped several times, you’ve likely overloaded the circuit. Frequently overloading the electrical circuit can be dangerous. If this is happening, you need to contact an electrician immediately. They’ll help troubleshoot, diagnose, and remedy the problem.

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