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Common Signs Of Electrical Problems In Long Island Homes

Your home’s electrical system provides electricity around the clock. Without your electrical system, your house would get too cold during the winter, and you wouldn’t be able to watch your favorite TV shows. This convenience is not going to last forever.

Long Island NY homes experience electrical issues frequently. When something goes awry, you need to address and solve the problem immediately. It is a good idea to know how to spot a problem.

By learning more about the signs of an electrical problem, you’ll be able to identify and fix issues before they cause a fire. Below, you will find out more about these signs.

Bad Odors

First and foremost, you should look out for burning smells. Does your house had a burning smell, but you can’t find the source? There is a chance that the burning smell is coming from an electrical outlet or your electrical panel. The wires might be burning. To find out, you’ll want to call a qualified electrician.

Lights Flickering

Have your lights started flicking randomly? Replacing the lights might be one way to resolve the problem. However, this might be work. If it doesn’t, you might be dealing with a bigger electrical problem. You need to call a professional electrician so they can find out what is going on.


It is troublesome when you begin hearing a buzzing noise coming from your electrical outlets and switches. You shouldn’t hear anything from your outlets. Constant buzzing could be a sign that something is wrong. Don’t delay calling an electrician.

Chewed Wires

Have you found chewed or frayed wires in your home? A licensed electrician can help you fix this problem. Frayed wires can cause a fire hazard and shock hazard. A Long Island electrician will replace the damaged wiring and reduce the risks.

Warm Outlets

Your electrical wall outlets should remain cool to the touch. If they’re getting hot, the wiring might be loose or damaged. An electrician will remove the faceplate and check the wire.

Breaker Trips

Your circuit breaker trips to protect your system from overloads and surges. You can fix the problem by turning the breaker back on. However, you need to find out what caused the trip. Too many trips could be a sign that you’re dealing with a major electrical problem.

Cheap, Fake Products

Many Long Island residents purchase cheaper electrical products to save money. The only problem is that these products could be fake and unsafe. They may not follow modern safety standards.

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