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Long Island Residential Knob-And-Tube Wiring Replacement Service

Long Island is home to hundreds of older homes, many of which have been updated to meet the local electrical codes. There is just something special about living in a vintage Victorian-, Colonial-, and Early National-style home. While these homes offer a comfortable, cozy living environment for seniors, young couples, and families, they require a lot of maintenance.

Owners of vintage homes have reportedly spent millions of dollars for upgrades over the past two decades. These upgrades are crucial for the health of the community and the home’s occupants.

Why Upgrade A Historical Home’s Electrical System?

Owning a historical home complicates remodeling, renovating, routine maintenance, and upgrades. To preserve the integrity of the historical home, it is crucial to only fix things that are necessary. One particular system that definitely needs to be updated is the home’s electrical system.

Vintage homes were initially installed with three types of wiring – knob-and-tube, aluminum, and cloth-insulated. While these types of residential wiring were deemed safe, efficient, and doable, experts now have a different view. All of these wiring options have been deemed “unsafe,” “inefficient,” and a “fire hazard.”

Why Is Knob-And-Tube Wiring Unsafe?

Knob-and-tube wiring utilizes an installation technique that leaves some or all the electrical wiring exposed to the elements. Unfortunately, exposed hot wiring poses a fire risk for older homes. Something as simple as a small pile of dust can spark an electrical fire when coming into contact with exposed hot knob-and-tube wiring.

Even though you never plan to make contact with your vintage home’s knob-and-tube wiring, the elements are enough to spark a house fire.

Is Knob-And-Tube Wiring Inefficient?

Yes, knob-and-tube wiring, as well as aluminum and cloth-insulated wiring are all inefficient in the modern world. Modern appliances are designed to utilize twice, triple, or quadruple the power of vintage appliances. For this very reason, outdated electrical wiring can longer keep up with the modern household’s electricity needs, even when living in an older home.

Knob-And-Tube Wiring Replacement In Older Homes

Replacing knob-and-tube wiring is much complex than removing old wiring and installing new wiring. The process involves an update of the electrical panel and circuit breakers. In many cases, older homes utilized fuses in place of circuit breakers. These will need to be replaced with modern-day circuit breakers as well.

A knob-and-tube residential rewiring is not a project most older homeowners do not want to tackle. But, doing so, will increase the value of your older home significantly.


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