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Inexperienced homeowners know little to nothing about their home’s electrical system. This is very common across the board, regardless of where you live, your educational status, and your current situation.

Every homeowner needs to be familiar with their electrical system because it is responsible for delivering power from an electricity service provider’s main power line and into the home. Have you ever thought about how long and hard your electrical system work? You will probably say “no” since most homeowners do not give a second thought to their electrical system until it is too late.

What Is Electrical Rewiring?

Electrical rewiring is just as its name entails. It is the process of running new electrical wiring from the electrical panel and throughout the home. Unfortunately, this is just one step of the electrical rewiring process. In most cases, the job calls for a “total” rewire, which is much more in-depth than a “simple” rewiring project.

A total rewire also includes the following:

In some cases, the electrician will throw in the outlet and switch replacement to bring the home up to code. If your home does not have modern-day outlets and switches, it would be a good idea to add these to the list of things that need to be completed during your future total residential rewiring project.

Fire Hazard Vintage Wiring

There are three primary types of vintage wiring – aluminum, knob-and-tube, and cloth-insulated. All of these wiring setups are no longer deemed safe or efficient for modern living. There is just no way possible for the vintage wiring to keep up with your current energy usage.

Modern homes now have some of the biggest energy-hogging appliances of all time. These appliances include the refrigerator, range, stovetop, water, clothes dryer, dishwasher, and microwave.

Aluminum wiring was installed in homes for a decade between 1960 and 1970. Knob-and-tube wiring, on the other hand, was installed in homes in 1935 and earlier. Last, but not least, cloth-insulated wiring was utilized in the late 1800s and mid-1900s.

How Much Does Residential Rewiring Cost?

Like other professional electrical services, residential rewiring costs vary from home to home, depending on the overall size of the project. H&A Long Island Electrician offers free in-home inspections and quotes. Call today to schedule your home rewiring inspection.


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