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Residential Electrical Panel Upgrade Service Long Island

Have you been noticing some strange things going on inside your home? Things like flickering lights, sparkling sounds, smoky odor, and power outages are all signs of a failing residential electrical system. What exactly is a residential electrical panel? What role does the electrical panel play in keeping a home cozy, secure, and comfortable? Before these questions are answered, you need to know more about an electrical panel.

What Is An Electrical Panel?

If you know anything about your home’s electrical system, you know it has a few circuit breakers stored inside of a gray box? The gray box you are talking about is the electrical panel. There are basically two common locations – inside and outside – for an electrical panel. If the electrical panel is outside, it will probably be on the exterior wall closest to the driveway. This a very convenient location for your electricity service provider.

The second location is inside the home in an area nearest to the home’s entrance. But, more times than not, the electrical panel is installed on an exterior wall, according to the local building codes.

As the heart of the home’s electrical system, the electrical panel houses some very important components. These components include electrical wiring, fuses, and/or circuit breakers. You will also find a whole-home surge protector installed inside the electrical panel, but only on rare occasions.

Zinsco And Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) Electric Panels

Zinsco and FPE are two common brands associated with residential electrical panels. FPE electrical panels have been around much longer than Zinsco electrical panels. Zinsco did not release its first electrical panel until the 70s.

While both companies were once regarded as the manufacturers of the best circuit breakers, experts discovered they were wrong. Today Zinsco and FPE circuit breakers are no longer considered “safe.” In fact, experts believe they pose an electrical fire risk.

Soon after the experts made this determination, electricians all across the nation began to encourage their customers to have them replaced. Even today, there are still a few homes with an FPE or Zinsco electrical panel.

The FPE Stab-Lok electrical panel was initially installed in homes in the 50s. It wasn’t until 30 years later, the electric panel was determined to have a safety defect.

Fuse Box Deemed ‘Inefficient’

Along with Zinsco and FPE electrical panels, fuse boxes are no longer able to keep up with the modern home’s electricity needs. An electrical fuse could handle between 30 and 60 amps, which was fine back in the day. Now, that this is no longer the case, homeowners are encouraged to have their fuse boxes replaced with the latest circuit panels.

Pushmatic Electrical Panels

The pushmatic electrical panel was thought to be a hit in its day. Today, they are deemed “unsafe” and “inefficient” for the modern home. The main problem with the pushmatic panel was its inability to reset. No matter how often the homeowner or electrician tried to reset the panel, it would not reset. Another problem was linked to the circuit breakers, which were continuously tripping for no apparent reason.

When Is The Best Time To Replace An Outdated Electrical Panel

There is no time like today to start planning the upgrade. The replacement of an electrical panel entails the replacement of the wiring (if it is deemed “unsafe”) and circuit breakers and or fuses. We can help you make this determination through an electrical panel inspection.

What Is Comprised In A Residential Electrical Panel

The components of an electrical panel include:

Other components of a residential electrical system include:

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