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Smoke Detector Installation

Residential Hard-Wired Smoke Detector Installation Long Island

Smoke alarms play a major role in keeping the home’s occupants safe. When smoke alarms are combined with security systems, carbon monoxide detectors, and other alarms, they could be the difference between living comfortably and living in fear.

Smoke alarms are designed to alert household members in the event of smoke. When smoke is detected, the smoke detector will initiate an audible alarm to wake up the home’s occupants. Even if consider yourself a light sleeper, there is no doubt the alarm will stir you from sleep.

Local and federal housing codes require all homes in Long Island to have one or more smoke detectors. Depending on the size of your home, you may need multiple smoke detectors to ensure whole-house protection.

Are Homes Without Smoke Detectors ‘Death Traps’

Some experts believe homes void of smoke detectors are in fact “death traps.” Evidence shows homes with smoke alarms are much safer than homes without smoke alarms. One study revealed 38 percent of homes without or with nonworking smoke detectors have contributed to three out of five house fire deaths. The percentage is reduced to 21 percent in homes with working smoke detectors.

Unfortunately, way too many homeowners tend to ignore their smoke detectors until it is too late. Long Island officials recommend bi-annual battery replacements. These officials recommend doing the battery replacement when the time is moved forward and backward (spring and fall).

How To Ensure Your Battery-Powered Smoke Alarm Is Working Properly

There are several ways to ensure your battery-powered smoke alarm is working properly. These include the following:

  • Replace once every eight years
  • Push the “Test” button to check the functionality status
  • Utilize an aerosol spray to test the smoke detector sensor
  • Determine if the red light is flashing (smoke alarm is powered)
  • Replace the rechargeable battery with a long-lasting lithium-ion battery

Smoke detectors will only do their job when they are working properly.

Why Not Battery-Powered Smoke Detectors

Battery-powered smoke detectors offer a broad range of benefits, including:

  • Easy DIY installation
  • Cost-efficiency
  • User-friendly interface

With pros, there are always cons. One of the biggest complaints of battery-powered smoke detectors is geared toward battery replacement. Some homeowners find the battery replacement process frustrating, timely, and sometimes confusing.

Depending on the design, the entire front panel of the smoke detector must be detached from the base just to access the battery compartment. While this does not seem like a big deal, it can be if the design is not convenient.

You should be able to just twist the front panel to the left or right to detach it from the mounting ring. But, this is not always the case. Some designs require more energy and time to access the battery compartment.

Best Battery-Powered Smoke Detector Alternative

The best alternative to battery-powered smoke detectors in the hard-wired smoke detector. These units do not utilize a rechargeable battery. Instead, they utilize electricity, as the result of a hard-wired installation.

Battery-Powered VS Hard-Wired Smoke Detector Price

A comparison of the battery-powered and hard-wired smoke detectors, both of the same brand, shows the latter being the most expensive. Consumers do not want to spend more than necessary for a smoke detector, even if they know it is an essential household item.

When you factor in the cost of battery replacement, it may be possible to save more money by buying a hard-wired smoke detector. Lithium-ion batteries are not cheap by no means. One 9-volt lithium-ion battery will set you back nearly $10, depending on the brand.

Even if you only need to replace the battery once or twice throughout the life of a smoke detector, the cost will add up over time.

Hard-wired smoke alarms utilize very little power, making the more affordable option in the long run.

Professional Hard-Wired Smoke Detectors Installation

Our hard-wired smoke detector installation is not only feasible but also efficient and accessible. We have been serving the residents and businesses of Long Island for decades now. Our prices are competitive and flexible. We will work around your schedule to get the job done in a timely manner.

Do not sleep another night in an unsafe environment. It was reported between 2013-2017, fire departments across the nation responded to approximately 780 house fires.


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