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Electrical Circuit Installation

Long Island Electrical Circuit Breaker Installation

If you gently open your home’s electrical panel, you will immediately notice two lines of switches, which are connected to circuit breakers. These components play a major role in protecting the home from damage caused by power overloads (surges) and power outages. They also prevent house fires associated with malfunctioning connected gadgets, such as refrigerators, lamps, washers, driers, ranges, and computers, as well as damaged electrical cables.

The circuit breaker trips when there is a spike of electricity or interference on the circuit. When the circuit breaker trips, it cuts all the power off on that specific circuit.

When Are New Circuit Breakers Required?

It is not recommended to connect more than 12 devices to one circuit. Some electricians will connect several small rooms to one circuit breaker. Too many connections will lead to an overload, resulting in intermittent power surges and power outages.

New circuit breakers are required for the following:

What Is Circuit Breaker Installation?

It is not as simple as you may believe to install a new circuit breaker. Even replacing a circuit breaker is very complex. The process requires the electricity service provider to disconnect the power from the main pole. This must be completed before the circuit can be installed or replaced.

Dedicated Electrical Circuit – What Is Its Purpose?

A dedicated electrical circuit is just as its name entails. The breaker is specific for a single device. Some appliances utilize a lot of power, too much to be connected to a circuit that already has multiple devices connected to it.

Dryers, refrigerators, saunas, central air units, heat pumps, and dishwashers cannot be connected to a multi-device circuit breaker. Doing so would lead to an overload of that circuit.

Electrical Sub Panel – What Is Its Purpose?

An electrical sub-panel, also known as a service sub-panel, is designed to act as a mediator between the branch circuit breakers and the main service panel. These are very commonly utilized for room additions, detached garages and sheds, and storage units.

How Much Does A New Circuit Breaker Installation Cost?

New circuit breaker installation varies from home to home and electrician to electrician. It is only common for some electricians to charge slightly more than their competitors. Here, at H&A Long Island Electrician offers a broad range of electrical services, including circuit breaker installation. Our prices are competitive to ensure access to all Long Island residents.


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