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Comparing The Tesla Wall Connector Gen 2 And Gen 3

Residential Tesla EV Charging Station Installation – Gen 2 And Gen 3


Manufacturers have created several charging stations to support Tesla electric vehicles. These stations utilize unique components, such as a plug that connects the charger to an electrical source.

As electric vehicles continue gaining in popularity, Tesla and other manufacturers continue ramping up production. It is perfectly okay for manufacturers to attempt to meet the growing demand for electric vehicles. But, as more electric vehicles roll off the assembly line and into customers’ driveways, the concern for limited EV charging stations is rapidly growing.

While EV manufacturers have joined forces with governments all across the nation, there are still limited charging stations in many areas. To combat this issue, EV customers are taking matters into their own hands. They have now decided that the residential Tesla EV charging station is the way to go.

Available Tesla EV Chargers

When you buy a Telsa electric vehicle, you receive a free charging cable, which is low-tier. The traditional EV charger is lacking in many ways compared to the Gen 2 and Gen 3. While the traditional charger is sufficient for some motorists, others have decided it is not enough.

Gen 2 Tesla Charger

The Tesla Gen 2 EV Charger is extraordinary, its flexibility, versatility, and functionality are all much better than the traditional EV charger. It is also better in many ways than Gen 3. For example, the Gen 2 delivers as much as 80 amps of electricity while the Gen 3 is limited to 48 amps.

The Gen 2 may just be ahead of its time because the current charging capability for the electric vehicle, any electric vehicle, is only 48 amps. What was Tesla thinking when it produced Gen 2? Some Telsa fans believe the company has something else in store for its Gen 2.

Gen 3 Tesla Charger

Gen 3 may not be as powerful as Gen 2, but it does have more eye appeal, thanks to its transparent, glass front panel, compared to the Gen 2’ plastic black or silver front panel.

Gen 3 has also limited flexibility as compared to Gen 2. It comes with an 18-feet charging cable, which is 6-feet shorter than that of the Gen 2. But, the Gen 3 makes up for the 6-feet shorter charging cable by minimizing its thickness and weight.

Gen 3 is integrated with a Wi-Fi module. Unlike Gen 2, Gen 3 is compatible with most Wi-Fi-enabled devices, such as the cellphone, tablet, and laptop.


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